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Heading out onto the open water is a fun-filled experience, and having a marine battery that's reliable and powerful is crucial for keeping the good times rolling all summer long. No need to look any further than Complete Battery Source, your go-to spot for all your Ypsilanti, MI marine battery needs. Whether you're planning a chill cruise, a fishing trip, or diving into water sports, our in-store selection of marine deep cycle and starting batteries is made to fit the diverse needs of boating enthusiasts. With plenty of batteries to choose from and five conveniently located stores across Michigan, our friendly experts are ready to help you find the perfect battery that suits your boat's make and model.

Marine Deep Cycle Batteries

For those calm moments on the water, our marine deep cycle batteries are all about reliability and endurance. Designed to provide a steady and lasting power supply, these batteries are perfect for onboard gadgets, trolling motors, and other devices that need a long-lasting energy source. With years of know-how, our experts understand how crucial a dependable deep cycle battery is to keep you powered through every nautical journey.

Marine Starting Batteries

When it's time to set sail, our marine starting batteries make sure your boat springs to life with a quick and powerful ignition. Crafted for high cranking power, these batteries are designed to kickstart your marine engine quickly and reliably, even in challenging conditions. Choosing Complete Battery Source means choosing a team of professionals who provide starting batteries that kick off your marine adventures with confidence and efficiency.

Local Ypsilanti, MI Marine Batteries

  • Product Freshness: Batteries don't age well. When you grab a battery from our Ypsilanti, MI location, you're getting products that are fresh and powerful.

  • Dependable Warranties: Most of our products come with reliable manufacturer warranties, so you can enjoy everything nature has to offer without any worries.

  • Decades of Expertise: Batteries are what we know best! For over 36 years, Complete Battery Source has been supplying customers with top-quality marine batteries.

  • Direct-from-the-Factory Pricing: At Complete Battery Source, we get all our products straight from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman and giving you all the reliable batteries you need at a fair price.

Enjoy life on the open water with our Ypsilanti, MI marine batteries. Contact us today or visit our store to experience the reliability, performance, and durability that make our products the top choice for those who want the best on the water.

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