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complete battery source

Dependable power is not just a convenience – it's a necessity for your daily life, mobility, and security. In other words, when your battery loses its power and reliability, you need a local company committed to powering up your devices as quickly and conveniently as possible. Complete Battery Source proudly serves as your reliable ally in delivering top-notch Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries.

Whether you depend on a wheelchair for mobility, prioritize home or business security with alarms, or seek a steadfast backup power source, our meticulously crafted SLA batteries are designed to cater to your distinct needs. For decades, Complete Battery Source has been committed to providing more than just batteries; we deliver reliable energy solutions that conveniently empower your life, safeguard your surroundings, and outshine the competition.

Wheelchair Batteries

For those relying on wheelchairs for mobility, a consistent power source is non-negotiable. Our SLA wheelchair batteries are crafted for endurance and unwavering performance, ensuring individuals can move with confidence and ease, free from concerns about sudden power failures.

Emergency Lighting Batteries

In critical situations, reliable emergency lighting is crucial. Our SLA batteries for emergency lighting systems assure a stable and enduring power supply, offering peace of mind when it matters most. Whether in residential buildings, offices, or public spaces, our batteries ensure that emergency lighting is always prepared to illuminate the way.

Alarm System Batteries

Home and business security are paramount. Our SLA batteries for alarm systems deliver the backup power necessary to keep security systems operational, even during power outages. With our reliable batteries, trust that your alarm system will continue to safeguard your premises without interruption.

Backup Power Batteries

When the power goes out, a dependable backup power source becomes crucial. Our SLA batteries for backup power systems guarantee that essential devices remain powered, allowing you to maintain productivity and comfort during unexpected outages.

Why Choose Us For SLA Batteries?

  • Reliability: Our batteries are renowned for their durability and consistency, ensuring your devices start up effortlessly, time after time.

  • Performance: Featuring top-quality brands such as Energy, our range provides consistent and potent performance for various applications.

  • Decades of Experience: Batteries are our expertise! For over 40 years, Complete Battery Source has been supplying customers with top-quality batteries.

  • Product Freshness: Batteries don't age gracefully. When you invest in a battery from our Southfield, MI location, rest assured you're acquiring products that are fresh and potent.

  • Factory Direct Pricing: At Complete Battery Source, we source all our products directly from manufacturers, eliminating middlemen. This means you get all the dependable batteries you need at a fair price.

Trust Complete Battery Source for Reliable SLA Batteries

Discover our selection of top-quality batteries and feel the difference reliable power can make. Have questions about a specific battery? Contact us today or visit our store to peruse our Southfield, MI SLA batteries.

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