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Complete Battery Source
Prudenville, Michigan

In a fast-paced society, keeping devices, equipment, tools, and gadgets in working order is both important and challenging. At Complete Battery Source, our expertise not only allows us to offer the best selection of batteries nationwide, but also to provide the most knowledgeable battery-related customer service. If you have a battery-powered machine, tool, toy, or gadget, we can help you keep it running at full capacity.

Commercial and Industrial Batteries

When time is money, keeping your business running without interruption is critical to success. We stock a wide selection of batteries to keep your business moving, including batteries for your barcode scanners, mobile printers, credit card readers, emergency lighting, bathroom automation, and more. Our in-store Prudenville, MI battery experts are here to answer all your questions and keep you charged for success.

Medical Batteries

Keeping your medical devices in working order is important, and finding the correct battery for critical devices is challenging. We carry batteries for hearing aids, scooters, wheelchairs, and other necessary medical equipment. Our Prudenville, MI battery experts will guide you and your loved ones to the battery you require to keep your medical equipment operating.

Prudenville, MI Automotive & Outdoor Batteries

Whether you’re out on the water with your family, or trying to start your car remotely as you head home from a long day at work, having a dead battery puts a damper on your everyday activities. Our experts are ready to assist you in locating the exact battery for all of your automotive, watercraft, and outdoor equipment so you can keep life moving.

Prudenville, MI Household Batteries

In a world that relies on technology, a dead battery is a frustrating experience. Each day, we rely on battery-operated devices to fuel our homes and businesses and complete essential tasks. Whether searching for a cell phone battery, getting your lawn equipment up and running at the start of summer, or keeping your children’s Power Wheel toys moving, we have a battery for you. We will find you a battery so that you can do what you do, without missing a beat.

Alkaline & Watch Batteries

There is no need to lose time with our wide range of alkaline and watch batteries. We carry an extensive and competitively-priced stock of AAA-D batteries, in addition to our exhaustive selection of watch batteries. Whether you’re stocking up ahead of winter storms, or keeping your favorite watch operable, our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding your Prudenville, MI battery solution.

Prudenville, MI Cell Phone Battery Replacement

Changing the battery on a cell phone requires experience and specialized tools and, in the wrong hands, can lead to damage to your phone. Our Prudenville, MI cell phone battery replacement experts are on hand to provide professional installation so your phone isn’t damaged in the process.

Don’t let a dead battery stop you in your tracks. Contact the premiere Prudenville, MI batteries experts today and let us help locate the right battery for you!

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1881 West Houghton Lake Dr.
Prudenville, MI 48651

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